Back to White, not to Normal! Artful knowing and organizational change, The Post-liminal (part 4)



Back to White, the project of painting my previous work white. I have written about this as a metaphor and practice of lived experiences in my studio. And I used the concept of liminality as a grounding idea for my understanding of change in terms of rites of passage. Having discussed the separation rites and

Webinar for Art in Organization, AIO Nordic network

Webinar Jouke Kruijer


What to remember from this historic crisis? Art in Organization, AIO Nordic network, is hosting a 90 min free webinar tomorrow about the potential of art in organization development. Our experiences are personal, organizational and universal. In this episode I will address the question: Do artists have a vital role in organizational change, recording and

Back to White. Artful knowing and organizational change. The liminal, fieldnotes from within (part 3)


This change story is changing I started, pre-corona, to write this series on change: my Linked-In posts as a public invitation to make sense of a very personal inquiry about changing my artistic genre. I am painting 1000 of my nude paintings white to create my first conceptual work of art, called Back to White.

Back to White. Artful knowing and organizational change: Resistance, neutral zones and empty rituals (part 2)


Previously, in this series. To change my genre from nude painting to conceptual art, I decided to paint a 1000 of my ‘nudes’ white. This process–I called it ‘Back to White’–greatly affected my ways of thinking about art and the nature of change. It is also a core practice of my doctoral work at Ashridge

Back to White: artful knowing and organizational change (prologue)

Jouke Kruijer art ashridge action research


This is the prologue to an artful series (4) on liminality and organizational change Doing good work well Welcome to this series of 4 articles on organizational change! Those of you who are interested in theory of change may find this inquiry worth your while. As well as those who are always on the look-out

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Jouke Kruijer

Jouke Kruijer