Stumble, Live and Work Effectively


How we stumble effectively Dealing with volatility and uncertainty is rapidly becoming the number one challenge of corporate life. We live in a world where all things are intricately related. And one thing here may have a huge effect there. For progress it is not enough to entirely trust our ability to make rational decisions.

Remember When You Had These Talents?


We cannot expect to solve our most complex problems by rational thinking only. As a hybrid professional, I believe that we need to teach our educators today to develop all talents of the next generations by bringing back art into places of learning. When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to

Managing Complexity: Four Simple Rules for Painting


In the course of the years I have developed a workshop combining my understanding of complex systems and art. It has been widely recognized in anthropology, biology, physics and computer science that living systems are governed by simple rules. Like in a flock of birds: fly to the centre, keep the same pace and don’t

How to Make a ‘Good’ Painting: Three Initial Conditions


I have often wondered, are there initial conditions for making a ‘good painting?’ I think there are. And what’s more, these conditions are the same for doing anything important like redecorating your house, designing a change process for an organization or raising a child. Choices around preparation, control and attachment form important initial conditons for

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Original Art Jouke Kruijer

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Jouke Kruijer

Jouke Kruijer