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Voor Financieel Dagblad special van afgelopen weekend ‘The crowd biedt gouden ideeën’ werd ik gevraagd wat we kunnen doen voor betere zorg, onderwijs, business. Natuurlijk kan het perspectief van de kunstenaar niet ontbreken!  

Event: The Art of Purposefully Playing with Systems

The Art of Purposefully Playing with Systems Jouke Kruijer Artist


16 & 17 September 2016, Amsterdam This two-day workshop is ’a serious play’ on the art of meaning making and creativity in systems and organizations. We search for new ways to encourage transformative collaboration and meaning making within communities and networks. By combining art and science we aim to shed new light on how collective

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Original Art Jouke Kruijer

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Jouke Kruijer

Jouke Kruijer