Blue – Red: What’s connecting?


“Green on Blue” (1956) and “Light Red over Dark Red” (1955-57) Sometimes you want to remember where you were when something important happens. Yesterday, in the middle of my workshop at the Berlin Change Days, Bess comes in with the news of Biden’s victory. In the little screens in front of me arms go up

Webinar for Art in Organization, AIO Nordic network

Webinar Jouke Kruijer


What to remember from this historic crisis? Art in Organization, AIO Nordic network, is hosting a 90 min free webinar tomorrow about the potential of art in organization development. Our experiences are personal, organizational and universal. In this episode I will address the question: Do artists have a vital role in organizational change, recording and

Event: “Persoonlijk leiderschap”

Jouke Kruijer Persoonlijk Leiderschap


Visionair Leiderschap Jouke heeft een acteursachtergrond (Bedford College, London) en heeft als ondernemer en eigenaar van een acteursbureau/adviesbureau veel dynamische werkvormen ontwikkeld. Na zijn masteropleiding als management consultant (Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam) heeft hij zich verdiept in systeemtheorie (Human Systems Dynamics, Minnesota). Als adviseur ontwerpt hij veranderingsprocessen, geeft executive coaching en begeleidt teams. Hij heeft als

The Art of Making Things Happen Together


Navigating Complexity Last week I reconnected to my strength. I was asked to present a one-hour workshop for 50 people at the Human Systems Dynamics Institute conference in Chicago: Navigating Complexity. I designed a process making a collaborative paining as a metaphor for the dynamics in complex adaptive systems. The whole process was in silence.

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Original Art Jouke Kruijer

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Jouke Kruijer

Jouke Kruijer