In het FD: Chief Creative Officer


Voor Financieel Dagblad special van afgelopen weekend ‘The crowd biedt gouden ideeën’ werd ik gevraagd wat we kunnen doen voor betere zorg, onderwijs, business. Natuurlijk kan het perspectief van de kunstenaar niet ontbreken!  

Keep in Mind: Berlin Change Days 2016


Walking through Kreuzberg, I realized what a great choice it was to organize the Berlin Change Days in that part of town. Great for roaming the streets (we had splendid autumn weather), great for shopping (I bought a windercoat) and going out (Jazzclub in Rosenthaler Strasse). I had just been asked to co-design and co-facilitate

Remember When You Had These Talents?


We cannot expect to solve our most complex problems by rational thinking only. As a hybrid professional, I believe that we need to teach our educators today to develop all talents of the next generations by bringing back art into places of learning. When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to

I am a Hybrid Professional: Shouldn’t You be One Too?


It seems there is an increasing number of people who combine a professional life in the service industry with a professional life in the arts. While there is an increasing demand for specialists in organizations, I know professionals who are also actors, big band conductors, painters, sculptresses, saxophone players, etc. Why is this? Shaman After

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Jouke Kruijer

Jouke Kruijer