Keep in Mind: Berlin Change Days 2016


Walking through Kreuzberg, I realized what a great choice it was to organize the Berlin Change Days in that part of town. Great for roaming the streets (we had splendid autumn weather), great for shopping (I bought a windercoat) and going out (Jazzclub in Rosenthaler Strasse). I had just been asked to co-design and co-facilitate


Zeg eens JA


Waarom is het als manager zo moeilijk om een werkende vorm van zelforganisatie te creëren? Dat komt omdat managers en hun teamleden onvoldoende Ja kunnen zeggen. Dit stukje gaat over ja-zeggen en nee-zeggen. De ja-zegger is de held van mijn verhaal. Als managers dit gedrag stimuleren krijgen ze daar vertrouwen, vernieuwing en efficiëntie voor terug.


The Art of Systemic Life: 17 & 18 September 2015


As host of an international network* I have the opportunity to offer a unique seminar. This two day seminar explores the art of seeing and learning in complex systems. We use key notions of traditional Eastern wisdom as inspiration and guidance in dealing with complex systems. By experiencing, activating ‘right brain’ processes and looking at


Friendship Shifting the Paradigm of Work


I have recently finished a change process as a interim manager for a government institution. As I am looking around for a new project, I have time to write, paint, read and be with friends. A welcome change from the loneliness of my recent leadership role in the civil service. In fact, I so much


Stumble, Live and Work Effectively


How we stumble effectively Dealing with volatility and uncertainty is rapidly becoming the number one challenge of corporate life. We live in a world where all things are intricately related. And one thing here may have a huge effect there. For progress it is not enough to entirely trust our ability to make rational decisions.


Remember When You Had These Talents?


We cannot expect to solve our most complex problems by rational thinking only. As a hybrid professional, I believe that we need to teach our educators today to develop all talents of the next generations by bringing back art into places of learning. When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to


Leadership Lonelines: 3 Steps to Re-engage

Leadership, Loneliness, Jouke Kruijer


Leadership Loneliness and Aloneness I have just ended a 6 month’s period of working as an interim manager, leading a group of 60 people through a transformative change, based on principles of self-organization. During my first months, the job was tough and I felt lonely and despondent. I found it hard to get things moving


Event: “Persoonlijk leiderschap”

Jouke Kruijer Persoonlijk Leiderschap


Visionair Leiderschap Jouke heeft een acteursachtergrond (Bedford College, London) en heeft als ondernemer en eigenaar van een acteursbureau/adviesbureau veel dynamische werkvormen ontwikkeld. Na zijn masteropleiding als management consultant (Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam) heeft hij zich verdiept in systeemtheorie (Human Systems Dynamics, Minnesota). Als adviseur ontwerpt hij veranderingsprocessen, geeft executive coaching en begeleidt teams. Hij heeft als


7 Deadly Virtues to Shift the Leadership Paradigm


It was as if I was descending into the heart of darkness. Some months after I was temporarily appointed as head of a 60-people local government department, the organization grinded to an almost complete halt. Frankly, I despaired, I lost control, withdrew, started to mistrust people, constrained communication and became lazy. Now after almost half


The Art of Making Things Happen Together


Navigating Complexity Last week I reconnected to my strength. I was asked to present a one-hour workshop for 50 people at the Human Systems Dynamics Institute conference in Chicago: Navigating Complexity. I designed a process making a collaborative paining as a metaphor for the dynamics in complex adaptive systems. The whole process was in silence.


Jouke Kruijer

Jouke Kruijer