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Craftmanship and Passion

Thursday 5 Jan 2012

From June 28 through July 1 2012 KruijerVermeer organise an international workshop/retreat in my house in Maiorca, Portugal.

The theme is Craftmanship and Passion.

"The ultimate trademark  for passionate craftsmanship is taking care that also the invisible aspects of the product are beautifully made!" Steve Jobs

Many have suggested that the economy slowly changes from a money driven economy into a more trade oriented economy; focused on local for local sustainable trading of products and services.
Then the question arises: What is our trade and what beauty is hidden that creates invisible value?
To answer the call of some of the challenges in society and to make use of all of our abilities, we think it is important to focus in detail on our craftsmanship and the passion that makes make beautiful things...

Group exhibition Unet, Almere

Group exhibition Unet, Almere

Kunstprojecten organised a group exhibition for Unet at Almere. The businesslike environment formed a attractive backdrop for the the...