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Expo at TrouwAmsterdam 18th 19th May 2012. Check my Facebook fanpage for more details...

Thursday 19 Apr 2012

I will be showing my latest work at TrouwAmsterdam. You can now vote which paintings you would like to see there...

As a management consultant I often work with my clients to cocreate interventions and workshops. I have tried to do the same for this exposition. There will be 4 series of paintings from wich you can select your favourite paining. So for of the paintings on show will be chosen by you all. I hope this will be fun to do.

Craftmanship and Passion

From June 28 through July 1 2012 KruijerVermeer organise an international workshop/retreat in my house in Maiorca, Portugal.
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Newly published work

I posted some new material to my Portfolio.
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Jeff Erwin made a video
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Whitepaper Leidinggeven aan Het Nieuwe Werken

Whitepaper Leidinggeven aan Het Nieuwe Werken

I was assigned by De Baak to write a whitepaper on Distance Leadership and managing virtual teams.
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De Verleiding, Group Exhibition. From Sat 27 through Sunday 28. From 12.00 - 18.00 hrs

New Work, still wet. Volkskrantgebouw, Wibautstraat 150.
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On-line Socio Interactive Drama

I wrote a short description of an experiment with voice dialogue and socio- drama on line. It was fun and maybe opens up new possiblities... read more