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Jouke Kruijer

Drs. Jouke Kruijer (6th jan 1957), residing in Amsterdam, grew up in a rural area in the north of Holland. He went to school in Groningen (Willem- Lodewijk Gymnasium.) Read English Language and Literature at RU Groningen en Bedford College, London.

After graduation (1983) he started his professional acting career at Teneeter, Nijmegen, as Polonius in a children version of Hamlet. The next ten years he performed in theatres all over Holland and featured in various films and co-managed an English language theatre in Amsterdam (Stalhouderij).

He then set up his own company, Acteurs in Bedrijf (Actors in Business), in 1993, training and renting out actors for corporate role-play. He is still owner of Acteurs in Bedrijf BV and Actors in Business BV. He initiated a branche-organisation for role-play acting in Holland and for many years has given workshops to actors in this specialised field (NHL, Leeuwarden; Artlab, Copenhagen.)

He was founding-partner of Het Consulaat BV, a consultancy firm specialised in change-management and became at that time a certified Team-role trainer (Belbin).

Jouke sold his shares in the company in 2006 and has since lived a full life spending time with his family, painting and giving corporate training, workshops and coaching. He is at present setting up various projects outside the world of training and development.

Jouke Kruijer's Profile and CV are downloadable here.