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About Jouke Kruijer

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In this complex world the majority of people have lost their sense of being. Most people are identified too much to what they have or ought to possess. They are afraid to let go, not realizing that only if they do let go and renew, they connect to what they really live for: to be a source of life for themselves and for others. I believe that the earth will breathe again if the people on it will seek the quiet within themselves, create space for all that lives and inspire other to do the same, fearlessly and consciously.

The work that I do combines various disciplines. Having worked as an actor in corporate settings and later as a communication trainer/coach, I have seen much pain because of people's inability the deal with the pressure of work and the desire for freedom. I approach questions like these from the basic idea that happiness results from connecting to the fulness of yourself and being able to make free choices in the world. Even if this means disidentifying yourself from some of the things you (think you) value. Living my own lessons, I have chosen to sell my shares in the company that I founded in order to be able to paint, spend time with friends and family and take time reflect. In my work I aim to contribute towards greater awareness and life-enhancing results for myself and others.


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